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Our commitment to fostering a collaborative environment, employing innovative technologies, and delivering tailored solutions has empowered us to effectively address our client's diverse needs.

capability source

What problem did the client have?

Our client faced the challenge of establishing a robust partnership with a development team capable of seamlessly translating short high-end requirements into actionable solutions.

What solution did we offer the client?

We addressed the client's needs by offering a dynamic and skilled development team, complemented by consistent weekly communication with the team lead.

The process

Our engagement process involved weekly meetings with the client. These sessions revolved around discussing upcoming projects and providing updates on ongoing initiatives.


We harnessed cutting-edge technologies to bring our solutions to life, leveraging Node.js, React.js, JavaScript, TypeScript, Stripe, Contentful CMS, AWS Cognito, SDK, API, Workfront API, Marketo API and much more.

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What was done?

Our accomplishments include the successful development of a HIPAA-compliant web application and web store, multiple Migration and synchronization services, and facilitating seamless transitions between popular platforms.

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