Web Development

With our partners we are able to cover the majority of current active web development languages and frameworks, so don't hesitate to reach out.

The Process

1. Initial call

Initial workshop/touch point to see what the needs are.

2. Assist

After determining the needs we then assist with a variety of other necessary services, and mostly:
• DevOPS
• Support

3. Preparation

Preparation of the working environment - depends on the use case of the project and it includes services from our 2nd step.

4. Development

After deterring the requirements through the application and agreeing upon a scope, we start development of the application in full or in iterations, whichever way suits the client better.

6. Reporting

Through development we are checking up with our clients and providing them with a simple view inside the project while not disturbing the continuous development.

7. Testing

After we have developed the application we allocate a certain amount of time from the initial planning to test out scenarios for the application.

8. Deploying & Maintaining

We deploy the application and maintain it throughout the lifespan of the application.

Let's work together!