Product Design

Building a digital product is like building a house. You start with blueprints and sketches, then you create a model and plans of how every pipe and electricity cord will be connected. Then you choose colours, roof, windows and other parts of the house. And only after all of that, you’re ready to actually build a house. It would cost you a lot if you start building without all these pre-phases and then you have to tear the whole house down because at the end you realised that you made something wrong, that all connections make no sense and that the house won’t endure the first earthquake. The same analogy applies to building a web or mobile app.

The Process

1. Initial Analysis and Research

Whether you have a half-way made solution or you’re starting from scratch, we'll analyse your project first. This will tell us what are the key UX pain points.

2. Discovery

Once we made an initial analyse, we will ask you a "thousand" questions in order to get as much information as possible so that we can create the best possible solution that will fit your needs.

3. Ideation and flow maps

Here we create user flows, ER diagrams and the whole “architecture” of your project. The aim of this phase is to see how everything will connect, how much time will it take and how much will it cost.

4. Wireframes and LoFi screens

We start creating the first bones of your project where you’ll start to get a feeling of how your app will be used, where and how the components of the app will be placed and how will they connect to each other.

5. High Fidelity design

In this stage, we’re preparing the final UI design that will be ready for development. There will be no more major changes in this phase, except colour and copy corrections.

6. Prototype and testing

Before the development starts, it is necessary to test out if the design works well, so we make a prototype where you can click and navigate through the app that’s not developed yet. This way we can spare you a lot of money in the development phase by making changes in the design phase which is easier and faster to do.

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