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What problem did the client have?

The client faced an issue with an old and badly designed event management system. They needed a redesign and a fresh code rewrite of the current event management software that they created themselves. At the same time they needed advice and decision making on the best practices, technologies and design of the software.

Old look of dashboard. No homepage panel is even built:

UI Design screenshot

Our updated design now features a home panel, showcasing gatherings and experiences with enhanced functionality, allowing for more comprehensive event information to be displayed within a single interface. Fully responsive:

UI Design screenshot 2

What solution did we offer the client?

We provided the client with a comprehensive solution that involved the development of a dynamic web application. Leveraging technologies such as JavaScript, React.js, Node.js, Firebase, and Material-UI, we designed and implemented a robust platform that not only addressed their current issues but also positioned them for future growth. The solution focused on improving user experience, data management, and overall system efficiency.

The process

Weekly syncs, discussions, planning, ideation, design, development, project management

The project followed a well-defined process, beginning with a thorough analysis of the client's requirements and multiple live meetings. We conducted collaborative planning sessions to align our understanding with the client's vision. The development process involved iterative cycles, ensuring regular client feedback and adjustments to meet evolving needs.

ER diagram


Web development

Developers tech logos

The technologies employed in the project include JavaScript, React.js, Node.js, Firebase, and Material-UI. JavaScript served as the foundational language for both front-end and back-end development. React.js facilitated the creation of a responsive and interactive user interface, while Node.js powered the server-side operations. Firebase was utilized for real-time database management and hosting, ensuring a scalable and efficient backend. Material-UI was chosen for its design components, enhancing the overall aesthetics and user experience of the application. This tech stack was carefully selected to provide a cutting-edge and sustainable solution for the client's needs.

UX/UI Design

We overhauled the administration panel for event management. We were discussing and showing our progress on a weekly basis, and we ran sync calls to plan, consult, and sketch the functionalities and changes that had to be made.

UI Design screenshot 4ColorsUI Design screenshot

Services provided

Improved UX and UI

We reshaped the home screen, got rid of carousels, made the event creation process clearer and easier to follow, made everything responsive for better control on tablets, enhanced the navigation and clickable issues by applying Fitt's Law, and fixed the logic of the user flow.

We made a complete UI overhaul, respecting the existing brand colors, elements, and general guides, creating new components, a dashboard look, a sidebar menu, and analytics elements.

Design and ideation of new features
  • Search system with enhanced filtration
  • Categorical sorting system for past, upcoming, and drafted events
  • System for creating and controlling the recurring events
  • Gamification system for rewarding users. We designed a new system for messages, notifications, profile editing, creating group family accounts, adding activities, hobbies, scores, and analytics
  • New system for messages, notifications, profile editing, creating group family accounts, adding activities, hobbies, scores, and analytics
  • System that allows users and event managers to search for volunteers from the registered user base.

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