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Take a look at how we digitalised garden planning!

simply scapes

What problem did the client have?

The client was facing challenges related to the development of a dynamic and interactive web application. They required a robust geographical mapping solution to incorporate advanced mapping features seamlessly. Additionally, the client emphasized the need for a responsive and modern user interface that could handle real-time data interactions efficiently. The project specifications also outlined the requirement for a scalable hosting solution and secure user data management. The overall goal was to create a feature-rich web application without the complexity of a traditional backend infrastructure.

What solution did we offer the client?

We provided the client with a flexible and adaptive solution to address their challenges in developing a dynamic and interactive web application. Because the requirements were changing on a weekly basis we offered the client an agile development methodology with a team of seasoned web developers and a UX/UI design specialist.

The process

Weekly syncs, discussions, planning, ideation, design, development, project management


Embracing an Agile methodology, we navigated through the project with constantly evolving requirements. We meet on a daily basis with the client to discuss and demo what has been developed that day and what requirements have changed form the client's side. Additionally we continually proposed technical solutions and ways to implement new and ever evolving requirements.

Photo: Founder of SimplyScapes, Scott Bradley from Utah (USA) visited our office in 2022

krtech team


Web development

tech logos

Combining OpenLayers, React.js, Hasura, GraphQL, Firebase, and AWS Lambda enabled us to create a robust and scalable solution. OpenLayers provided powerful geographical mapping capabilities, while React.js ensured a dynamic and responsive user interface. Firebase was used for authentication, hosting, and real-time database features, simplifying development. AWS Lambda complements this stack by enabling serverless functions, optimizing resource utilization like fast photo data delivery. This comprehensive combination empowered us to create a modern, scalable, and feature-rich application, leveraging the strengths of each technology to meet diverse requirements seamlessly.

What was done?

For advanced geographical plant mapping features, we integrated a robust solution that seamlessly incorporated the desired functionalities. Additionally, we successfully developed a 3D photo editing web application, enhancing the overall user experience, so that the users can create geographical plans for their gardens and at the same time create a design with real life plant photos of how the gardens will look like.

simply scapes apps

Photo Designer

We have developed two apps. The first one is Photo Designer, in which the user can add plants from the plant library to a desired photo. It's a very simple, easy, and fun-to-use app that can help users design their garden in a straightforward way.

photo designer

Aerial Design

The second web app was Aerial Designers. Using the app, the user can choose its location in any part of the world, choose the boundaries of its garden, and make an aerial plan of its garden by choosing the plants from the library.

aerial designer
aerial designer screenshot 2
aerial designer screenshot 2

Mobile App UI Design Overhaul

A main idea was to follow the existing style and colors of the mobile app that was already partialy designed and give it a new, fresh look with a slighlty improvements in user experience as well. The example shown bellow shows an segment of the app where user can build its own plant library and combinations of various plants. These plant libraries are seamlessly linked to the store database, enabling users to conveniently purchase their desired plants directly through the app.

Old Design
ui redesign 2
New Design
ui redesign

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